English Dating In Germany

Dating Prospect kelvinrich123

Berlin, Germany

Dating Prospect frankblade

Bochum, Germany

Dating Prospect wajid77

Offenburg, Germany

Dating Prospect nancy

Frankfurt am Main, Germany

Dating Prospect oktaviasusanti

Oberer Lindenhof, Germany

Dating Prospect classicman

Schweinfurt, Germany

Dating Prospect sergiigrygoruk

Schweinfurt, Germany

Dating Prospect heinz911

Bremerhaven, Germany

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28, male, Single

Viljucinsk, Serbia

I like normal and loyal girls, and I plan to go to work in Germany (or if I would be lucky in Osaka, Japan)

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46, female, It's Complicated

Dunkirk, Maryland, Calvert, United States

I am originally from Germany born and raised. I have 3 kids, 2 of them are adults already. I am a very hard working woman, I drive a School Bus in Anne arundel county and L.O.V.E IT!!!!I am a very open and honest person, sometimes I even don't have a filter! people say I'm bubbly and funny. I really don't know what else to say about me. I think you all should know went thru Hell and back when it comes to relationships, from physical to mental abuse. I'm not the type of woman to play with, I find out really quick if get played with!I can be your Best Friend, but also your worst Enemy.Now it's up to you! 🤷‍♀️

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33, male, Single

American Highland, Iran

I am calm person,very interesting to travel, life in Germany is my big wants. I wish find a women in Germany and wedding together.

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61, female, Divorced

Joppa, United States

I'm looking for a mate to share and Enjoy my life with. I like cooking and looking at movies and sports. I have travel to Germany and places in the United States. I love to listen to clean music.

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32, male, Single

Berlin, Germany

Hey Im Marc 23 from germany Greetings

English Dating In Germany - German Dating

Dating Prospect helen

Schweinfurt, Germany

Dating Prospect lovemaria1

Celle, Germany

Dating Prospect richard

GroSs-Bieberau, Germany

Dating Prospect hammond112

Peine, Germany

Dating Prospect abigaildove

Rheinhausen, Germany

Dating Prospect amadeus009

Tuebingen, Germany

Dating Prospect patrickhoffmann

Schweinfurt, Germany

Dating Prospect samanthamaria

Fuerth, Germany

Dating Prospect sarah2sarah

Frankfurt am Main, Germany

Dating Prospect angelina

Schweinfurt, Germany

Dating Prospect piarody

Torfkaten, Germany

Dating Prospect martha

Fuerth, Germany

Dating Prospect peaplerain63

Berlin, Germany

Dating Prospect allen

Muenchen, Germany

Dating Prospect nicholasreynolds

Hamburg, Hamburg, Germany

Dating Prospect nancy8080

Duesseldorf, Germany


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