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Dating Prospect jpowe93

Frankfurt am Main, Germany

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Bremerhaven, Germany

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Bremerhaven, Germany

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Halle (Saale), Germany

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Stralsund, Germany

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Reichelshof, Germany

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Muenchen, Germany

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Schweinfurt, Germany

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53, male, Widowed

Glendowie, Norway

I am kind, level-headed, hardworking, caring, loyal and honest man, always full of humour. I love family so much; I want to have a family and children. I love to travel. I am looking for a relationship with a view to marriage but don't take my word for it, make the effort and meet me instead to see for yourself. I would be happy to meet an amazing woman with similar traits, values and dreams and we could work out the rest. Someone kind, imperfect, patient, tolerant, honest and prudent, with whom I can giggle, play and be happy – come rain or shine. I'm interested in simple things; a woman’s devotion and affection mean more than all the wealth in the world. Giving someone your time is truly priceless. Looking forward to meeting my princess!

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27, female, Single

Levelland, United States

My name, as shown above is indeed my real name, Katana. I'm an easy going person, I am fairly mellow. I'm practical, and have ambitions that exceed far beyond what happens to be at my finger tips currently.I have a dream to become a linguist, I'm actually fluent in German already, really interesting language. I'm a metal head, moreso the subgenre of Technical Death Metal, not to say that my tastes aren't versatile, I'll give just about any thing a try. I'm very blunt, and straight forward, I don't sugar coat, but I can be sweet, I'm very sarcastic, and make very crude jokes, Dark humor is my specialty. I feel like I filter myself through a smog of comedy. I like the ideal of realism, and honesty, because it is definitely the best policy. I'm a Satanist, ask me more if you're curious, I'm always open to discuss religion, as long as respect is maintained on both sides if differences in opinions arise.I play a lot of Video games, I'm more of a first person shooter/ RPG type of girl, but I do dabble in some side scrollers, or some decent platformers, depending on the game. I like a lot of Survival Horror games. Fun stuff. My consoles of choice stay in the Sony realm, though I do quite enjoy PC gaming.I work for the mentally and physically handicapped as a care giver, I've been doing so for over two years now, I adore my job.I live with my best friend at the moment, and I indeed have a vehicle.I'm an outdoor fanatic, that's about all I do in the summer time, camping, hiking, rafting, kayaking. I just like pitching my hammock and enjoying nature at it's finest.

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36, male, Single

Melbourne, Australia

I am straight forward and very friendly,caring person. If someone is looking for. Also interest in sports and activities.could be able to deal with hard situations.

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45, male, Single

Souzy-la-Briche, France

i am a single calme man search a honest woman for mariage, i live in paris, i will tell you more after the first contact, have a nice day

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55, male, Widowed

Athol, United States

I want to be Love and somebody will also love me, i want to make a good moment of joy and happiness, i want to look beyond the eyes of that sweet and wonderful angel, i want to develop the nature of happiness and kindness with that special person, i want to be happy every moment of my walking while am on the street, believe me i want to set my eyes on thats moment for us to come togather as one... i believe in a sweet moment...

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Dating Prospect anidaso8765

Schweinfurt, Germany

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Schweinfurt, Germany

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Egglkofen, Germany

Dating Prospect moha

Salzgitter, Germany

Dating Prospect kristen001

GroSs-Bieberau, Germany

Dating Prospect jeffysonheart

Berlin, Germany

Dating Prospect lars

Braunschweig, Niedersachsen, Braunschweig, Germany

Dating Prospect lilywalters39393

Gummersbach, Germany

Dating Prospect linalove32

Schweinfurt, Germany

Dating Prospect swtme

Titz, Germany

Dating Prospect jamal

Berlin, Berlin, Germany

Dating Prospect nicholasreynolds

Hamburg, Hamburg, Germany

Dating Prospect williammark

Hamburg, Germany

Dating Prospect lovewoman22

Frankfurt am Main, Germany

Dating Prospect lustig

Oberhausen, Germany

Dating Prospect kateish

Altendorf, Germany


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