Preventing the Crash and Burn Relationship | Love that Fizzles Out

"Preventing the Crash and Burn Relationship"

The words crash and burn are generally heard among Hollywood couples who fall and love quickly and intensely but fizzle out of love just as fast. However, a crash and burn relationship can happen to anyone. Fortunately, there are ways to avoid this type of relationship. For example, make sure you have things in common with each other. If you have nothing to stand on that keeps the two of you interested in the relationship, chances are it will end rather quickly. Love does not typically last on hopes and dreams alone. Something must keep the two of you coming back for more.

Don't make grandiose plans in the beginning. One of the worst mistakes couples make is that someone starts moving too fast or talking to serious right off the bat. If you are caught up in a whirlwind relationship, it will be hard for you to spot flaws about one another.

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Preventing the Crash and Burn Relationship

Once the relationship begins to cool and those flaws are discovered, chances are the relationship will crash and burn. Don't excuse crazy behavior (don't give it a reason to continue). While you assume you are in love that does not mean that you can excuse inexcusable behavior displayed by your mate.

Watch what they do - not what they say. Your partner may say things that make you feel great about yourself. If you are too caught up in the nice things your partner says, chances are you will overlook their actions. For example, the two of you are out on a date at a nice restaurant and he is flatter you with nice comments. You are so caught up in the moment that you fail to question why he asked you to leave the tip on the table rather than doing it himself.

Take your time getting into bed so you can build respect and trust. If you and your partner jump into the sack too quickly, it can leave you paying less attention to the more important aspects of your relationship. Chances are you will not have a chance to build any respect and trust between one another. If either of you are quick to jump into bed, who is to say that you will not do that with someone else just as quickly? You must start things off slowly so that you have the chance to get to know one another. Starting slowly will give you time to analyze your partner's bad and good qualities so you are sure this is the relationship you want.

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